Why is Nobody Subscribing to My Emails?

Email marketing isn’t easy. You can spend a lot of time crafting a perfect plan. You get a great email design, you have great offers to make, you roll it out, and…nobody signs up for your list.

Why not?

If getting subscribers is your problem, here are three common reasons why and what you can do to turn your luck around:

1. You’re not asking them to subscribe.

The simplest, most overlooked solution to this problem is simply do a better job telling them to subscribe. Just adding a “subscribe” button to your website isn’t enough. You have to communicate it to your audience in a number of ways.

Use your other contact channels to invite people to subscribe. These can be in-store engagements, events, social media pages, contact pages on your website, and the checkout process.

Allow people to create an account on your website and opt them in to you email list, or add that as an option to an existing account creation tool.

The more you ask them to subscribe, everything else being equal, the more subscribers you’re likely to get.

2. You’re not giving them a reason to subscribe.

Sometimes just asking is not enough. Because we all get so many emails already, we’re not likely to subscribe to another email list unless we can see real value in it. So what’s your value?

Maybe your value is in the emails themselves, like special offers, discounts, or other benefits that don’t exist unless you subscribe to the emails. If that’s the case, make sure people know it.

Maybe your value is not necessarily the emails themselves, but an incentive you use to get people to sign up. Many companies offer a coupon, a free trial, a downloadable gift, or some other goodie just for subscribing. It’s a great way to offer value up front and get people more interested in signing up.

3. You don’t have an audience willing to subscribe.

Not every company has cultivated an audience willing to subscribe. If you’re reasonably new to the market and you’re still working on building your brand, you may not have success with an email marketing program because people don’t know you or trust you enough to subscribe.

If this is the case, you need to use the other channels at your disposal, like your own website, social media, and online advertising to grow your audience and generate higher awareness for your brand. Once your site gets more traffic, and people begin to trust in your marketing, the email subscribers will come.