3 Signs that it’s Time to Update Your Landing Page


If you’re advertising, you should be using a landing page and not sending people directly to your website. And because your landing page or pages live off of your main site, sometimes they can get ignored. You create them, set them live, and forget about them.

But perhaps now is a good time to take another look. Here are 3 signs that it’s time to update your landing page:

1.       Your Conversion Rate is Dropping

The percentage of people that complete the desired action (submit a form, purchase a product, etc.) out of the total visitors to the page is your conversion rate. This is a number that you should track religiously, but when you see it start to drop, you are missing out on potential customers. And that is a time when you want to start testing new pages to see if you can get that conversion rate number higher.

2.       Your Costs are Rising

Your conversion rate may not be dropping, but the cost of your advertising is going up. And that means that your cost per conversion is higher. That should signal to you that you either have to figure out a way to lower your advertising cost or increase your conversion rate. And to increase your conversion rate, you should try testing a new landing page.

3.       You’re Launching a New Ad

In a perfect world, you would have a different landing page for every different ad. That is because you want to design the landing page to match the ad. In test after test, a landing page designed to correspond with the ad someone came in on performed better than something more generic. So if you’re creating a new ad, it’s probably time to create a new landing page to match it.

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