What Happens When You’re Wrong


Sometimes you will make mistakes. As a marketing or small business owner, not every decision that you make will be right. Or even if it is right, it might not bring the results that you expected. Does that mean the world has to come crashing down around you?

No. Not if you’re prepared.

Step 1 is understanding that these things happen. The most successful marketers in the world have been wrong at one point in their lives (likely more than that). And it’s how you deal with the failures that will determine how successful you will be in the future.

Step 2 is to recognize when you’re wrong. Many people are unable or unwilling to admit when something they are working on is a failure. It’s important that you learn to recognize (through testing and analysis) when things are not going right. As soon as you think you may have a problem, get other people involved to support your thesis and talk about what can be done about it.

Step 3 is to right the ship. It’s not always best to just go back to the way things were before. You might be able to just tweak a campaign or a project and keep moving forward. Think through the problem and figure out if there are small changes you can make to fix things, or if it’s time to just completely scrap a project and start over.

Step 4 is to learn from the mistake. Don’t dwell on failures, but treat them as opportunities to get better. Discuss and digest why something failed and think about ways you could have better planned ahead or identified problems sooner.

A marketer is only as good as they are able to successfully fail.