How to Get More Out of Your Employees: Part 1

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Welcome to Day 1 of a two day blogging event I’m calling “How to Get More Out of Your Employees”.

If you’re a manager, on any level, you know how important it is to get the most of your employees. The job of a good manager is to cultivate an environment where your employees can flourish. Because when your employees flourish, so will your company.

Today’s tip is: teach them

Many of the best companies to work for offer tuition reimbursement plans for employees who return to school or complete a degree while employed at the company. This encourages employees to continue their education and build on their skills. And a more educated employee, is often a better employee.

But not every company can afford to institute such a program. So here are some ways you can train your employees, creating a better company in the process:

  1. Invite guest speakers to come in and give talks and presentations in areas of interest for your employees
  2. Sign up with corporate training companies that offer online courses for continuing education in a variety of fields and offer them to your employees at no cost
  3. Create a mentorship program and partner new employees or more junior employees with managers or other senior level employees
  4. Offer conditional bonuses or promotions for people who continue their education in an area that will enhance their ability to do their job
  5. Offer on the job training programs for people looking to advance within the company

It’s important for any manager to recognize that a good employee is one that is passionate about their work. And that means this person will also be ambitious and looking to advance their career. Give them ways to do this within your company will keep people motivated and happy.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of “How to Get More Out of Your Employees” tomorrow.

In the meantime, I’d love your feedback. Use the comments below to add to the above list and offer your own suggestions!