How to Advance Your Career as a Marketer


Even the best marketers in the world sometimes miss out on easy opportunities to grow and advance professionally because they are too busy marketing for others and don’t take any time to market themselves.

The best way to advance your career as a marketer is to think about yourself the same way you do the products and services you’re marketing.

What does that mean? Start with the list below:

  1. Update your resume – write your resume the way you might write a product page or landing page. Lead with the benefits and sell the accomplishments. Stand out from the crowd and tell future employers what makes you unique from any other candidate they see. And continue to update your resume over time, so that it’s never more than a few months out of date.

  2. Track your results – keep a portfolio of projects that you have worked on. Be ready to show your current employer why you deserve a raise, or any future employer why you deserve the job, by walking them through you long list of accomplishments. Charts and graphs help.

  3. Keep learning – your marketing education is never done. There are classes, certifications, webinars, conferences, and white papers galore. Keep yourself in the know and learn new tricks that make you a more valuable team member.

  4. Know your value – keep an eye on the marketplace for job postings that fit your interests and skill set. Track the salaries being offered. And always be aware of what’s out there. Sometimes you end up in one job too long because you’re not aware of all the other opportunities that exist for you.