How to Use Education as Part of your Marketing Plan

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You may not think about education when you’re putting together a marketing strategy, but there are ways you can use the principles of education to help you sell to your target market. Here are a few:

  1. Webinars – companies use webinars less like sales presentations and more like online learning centers. Hosting a webinar on a topic that your target market is interested in is a great way to draw them in and expose them to your brand. You can teach them something useful, and at the same time show them how your company might fill their needs in a related area.

  2. White Papers – white papers are a form of content marketing that many in the B2B field are using. Writing a white paper that answers a common question related to your industry is a great way to attract attention and showcase your brand’s expertise. People wanting to read your whitepaper should be added to your potential customer list and followed up.

  3. Surveys – when most people think of surveys, they don’t think of marketing. But a well executed survey as a part of a direct marketing piece can be very effective. Through the wording of your questions, you can lead potential customers down a path that exposes them to a need that they didn’t know they had. And guess who will be there to fill that need…it’s YOU!

So much of a good marketing plan is educating your potential customers. An educated customer should be your best customer, because they know what they need and how you can serve them in a way no other company can.