How to Ruin a Perfectly Good Marketing Campaign

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You may have dreamed up a brilliant hook. You may have planned to perfect place to run your ads. You may have worked for hours with designers, producers, actors, directors, and developers to produce your ads. You may have negotiated the best rates for your ads to ensure that they will be seen by a targeted audience.

What could ever go wrong?

The best way to ruin a good marketing campaign, and a common mistake in many companies, is to make it difficult for people to take action.

A great marketing campaign will draw a lot of interest from prospective customers. But that’s not all. A great marketing campaign also makes it easy for those people whose interest you’ve piqued to take the next step and learn more or purchase.

You accomplish this by providing a phone number that will get answered by a knowledgeable and trained salesperson. You accomplish this by providing a URL that when landed on, makes it obvious how one gets more details or proceeds to checkout. You accomplish this by making the signup process quick and easy.

Companies are good at calculating the ROI on a campaign. I wonder how many try to calculate dollars lost from people who were “sold” and ready to buy but could not figure out how.

The best laid plans, ya know?