Steal This #7 – Movie Trailers


Welcome to the latest edition of my new weekly blog series, Steal This. Each week I’ll highlight a marketing activity that a company is using and suggest ways that you can model it and make it work for you. Last week’s topic was – Quiznos Lunchtime Email.

Today’s topic is: Movie Trailers

Movie trailers are a unique form of marketing for one specific industry. It’s essentially a sneak preview, where potential customers get to see small pieces of a movie and decide whether or not they think they’d like to see it.

They showcase the characters, important scenes, and key plot lines, without giving it away. It’s a “wet your whistle” type of advertising that is meant to leave you wanting more.

So how can you steal it?

You may not be in the movie business, but you have something that you want people to want. So make your own movie trailer for your product or service.

Figure out how to let people get a sneak preview of your offering. For some companies, this may mean free samples. For others, it might mean a limited access to certain goods or services that expires after a certain amount of time. It could even just be a video showcasing real customers using the product and talking about it.

Anything that let’s potential customers “experience” your offering before they buy it, to get their attention and boost their interest in what you’re selling.

As always, tell me what you think of this week’s idea and suggest other marketing programs to “Steal” in the comments below.