10 Things Every Marketer Should Know

Whether your goal is to land a job, get a promotion, create a winning campaign, or lead your company to success, here are 10 fundamentals that you need to know.

  1. Free marketing does exist.
  2. The best marketing is delivering good product.
  3. Customer service and sales teams can either be your best friends or your worst enemies.
  4. How to look at data from Google Analytics and use it to make decisions.
  5. How to calculate ROI.
  6. How to write a dynamic headline.
  7. How to read and evaluation a contract or proposal.
  8. How to create a dynamic and convincing PowerPoint presentation.
  9. How to create a budget.
  10. How to say no.

Want to help me add to this list? Use the comments below and share your own with the group.