“I” of the Consumer Week in Review


So you’re sitting there thinking, this is odd. It’s Saturday. And I usually see this ‘week in review’ post on Sunday. Am I going crazy? Is the world crashing down around me? The answer is no, just a simple change in scheduling here at Zach Heller Marketing. I’m changing from a 5-post per week schedule to a 4-post plan. I’m eliminating Sundays (when no one was really reading anyway) and moving the review to Saturdays. I hope you continue to enjoy the same great content you’ve grown used to!

Without further delay, here are the posts from the last week:

  1. Steal This #4 – Samsung’s     Attack Ads
  2. How to Redesign Your     Website Like a Marketer
  3. Does Your Domain Name     Matter?

Happy Saturday!

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