Personalization: How Much is Too Much?


Technology has made it much easier to get specific with our marketing messages. We can personalize and customize at will. But where do we draw the line? At what point is it just plain creep?

Is it creepy when your name is in an email, ie. Dear Zach? Is it creepy when your name is in the subject line, ie. “Zach, a special offer for you”? Is it creepy when you see an ad for a product you almost bought on a different site?

Those are all versions of personalization that have been around now for some time (measuring in internet years). And along with letters or direct mail pieces that have your name and address, these things are more or less commonplace by now.

But what’s coming next? What are the cutting edge marketers doing?

Soon almost every piece of marketing or advertisement that you see will be customized. You will be seeing it for a reason. From TV commercials to billboards, the ad will know who you are, it will know whether or not you saw it, and what you did next.

Creepy? Or brilliant?