How to Create Marketable Headlines

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Whether you’re writing an email, a blog post or article, copy for a web page, or an advertisement, you’ll likely need a headline. And if you want to attract readers, your headline is crucial.

Your headline acts to catch the eye, to draw someone in, get them interested, and lead them forward to read the rest of the copy. And thus, it’s vital to put as much thought into your headline as you did into the rest of your piece, if not more.

Good headline writers get paid a lot of money, but here are some secrets you can use to help you write more marketable headlines:

  1. Use numbered lists, such as “7 Reasons You Need to Visit Florida” or “Top 10 Ways to Save More Money”
  2. Teach something, such as “How to Generate More Sales” or “How to Take Better Photos”
  3. Ask a question, such as "Are You Missing This Exciting New Opportunity" or "Is Content Marketing the New Lead Generation"
  4. Make a wild claim, such as “Everything You Know About Your Cell Phone is Wrong” or “The Death of Facebook”
  5. Present an offer, such as “Learn Professional Copywriting Techniques” or “Cheap Travel Opportunities” 

A good headline “sells” the content that follows it. It gets someone to keep reading rather than look (or click) away. Master the art of writing headlines and the results will follow!