How to Use Testimonials to Achieve Marketing Success


Testimonials are becoming more popular in marketing. They have value because they tell people that:

  • This company is trustworthy
  • This company is good at what they do

When real people take the time to compliment or thank a company, it means something to us. And as marketers, we need to see the value in those comments and reviews, cultivate them, and take advantage of the opportunity to use them in our marketing.

So where in the process should you use testimonials?

  1. Beginning – use testimonials on ads that attract people to your storefront or website. Testimonials on ads show people that you really do live up to the “hype”. Any marketer can claim their company is good at what they do, but when real customers support that, it carries a whole new level of meaning.
  2. Middle – use testimonials on landing pages and websites, as well as in follow up materials that go out to people before a sale is completed. At this step, it’s important to support the claims you’re making about how effective your offering it. Testimonials specific to certain features or aspect of your value proposition are key.
  3. End – use testimonials in the checkout process to reassure customers that they are making the right decision. These testimonials (if you have them) might work best if they explicitly state something about an initial fear, but they were glad they went ahead and purchased because of this reason or that reason.
  4. After the end (Bonus) – follow up with customers after a purchase to see how their experience was and ask for a testimonial from them.