Building a Website? Remember the Pages You Don’t Need Yet

Building a website for your business can be fun. You get to map out where everything will go, decide how visitors will find what they’re looking for, what steps they’ll take, and how you will get them to become customers. But one thing that I’m sure gets overlooked by almost everyone completing this task (myself included), is how the website will change in the future.

Where websites go wrong is when they are not planned well. We add new promotions, new pages, and new products on the fly, ignoring the fact that we’re not keeping the integrity of the design and navigation intact as we go. Years down the road, we’re in need of a major redesign because it ends up being a hodgepodge of different additions that don’t work well together.

While planning ahead may be a difficult task (you don’t always know what’s going to happen in your business’s future), it’s also a crucial one that will save you time and money down the road. Think about how you would add new product, new promotions, and new pages in an elegant and meaningful way. And build with those in mind.