Branding for Bloggers: Now Shipping!

Caution: Shameless Self-Promotion Ahead.

My new book, Branding for Bloggers: Tips to Grow Your Online Audience and Maximize Your Income, is now shipping from Amazon! Get your copy today.

If you were one of those who preordered the book, I want to thank you, and let you know that you should have received it by now.

The book is written for bloggers, but has mass application. You will learn:

  • The difference between a brand, branding, and marketing
  • How to create a brand identity online
  • How to use branding to grow your audience and attract readers
  • How to use your brand to earn money online

Purchase Branding for Bloggers from Amazon.

I hope to hear from all of those who purchase the book. Let me know what you think, what was good, and what could be better next time.

Thanks for your continued support.