5 Reasons Email Isn’t Going Anywhere


Welcome to another edition of the “5 Reasons” blog series. This will be a weekly blog series, with a fresh post every Monday. Last week’s topic was “Five Reasons Your Email Isn’t Generating Clicks”.

This Week’s Topic = Five Reasons Email Isn’t Going Anywhere

Despite what some unrealistic marketers will tell you, email is not going away any time soon. The other day I was giving a talk on email marketing and someone raised their hand and said, “Is it even worth getting started (with email) at this point? Isn’t it a dying medium?” No!

Here are the five reasons that email is here to stay:

  1. It’s not social. That’s the single biggest argument that you will hear. Social is replacing email. It’s simply not true. I don’t know how else to say it. But ask yourself, do you use both social and email? If you said yes you are like most people.

  2. People still use it. Email usage has not gone down in recent years. In fact, the number of emails sent last year was the highest of any year on record. That’s not the sign of a dying medium.

  3. Response rates are still high. Marketers are finding success with email because it’s a preferred channel for consumers. Many people subscribe to emails from companies they’re interested in, actively seeking deals and offers catered to them.

  4. It’s a relatively cheap form of marketing. Return on investment in this area is high, and very easily measurable in most cases. You can test your way into email quickly, and on a low budget. Even companies with large email lists spend a relatively small amount of their marketing budget in the channel.

  5. Nothing else replaces it. Besides social, there is no other channel that is replacing email. SMS, online chats, and other messaging systems have only added to the options that are out there. But none has pushed email to the sidelines.

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