How Marketing Can Create Trust


Quoting Monday’s post on trust, “Trust between a company and its customers is vital.” When customers don’t trust you, the likelihood that they’ll be willing to do business with you is slim. So as marketers, one of the things we must try to do is establish trust.

With larger companies that spend millions on branding, this may be less of an issue. But even large companies can get themselves into trouble when stories about negative customer experiences hit the web.

So how can marketers create trust?

  • Use of testimonials – show new customers that you’ve satisfied past customers.
  • Use of accreditation – show new customers that a third party has reviewed your business and given you their seal of approval.
  • Use of contact information – something as simple as a phone number on your website will make it more likely that a new customer will trust you, because they see you’re not “hiding”.
  • Use of social media – show new customers you’re active in the community and you’re paying attention to the marketplace.
  • Consistent messaging – consistency creates trust, so marketers can show new customers what you’re all about by keeping the brand and sales message consistent over time and across multiple channels.
  • Promote longevity – if you’ve been around awhile it shows that you’re company is doing something right.
  • Promote people – instead of just using the brand, reinforcing the people behind the brand, like the CEO and other stakeholders can make a company more relatable.

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