What Should Apple Do?

It happens to many strong companies. A competitor comes along and starts to “call you out”. Right now, Apple finds themselves the victim of ads from Samsung. And here’s the bad thing for Apple, they’re working.

You would have to be crazy at this point to say that the opposite is true, that the ads are not successful. Samsung has gained share in the smartphone market, and have picked up momentum in sales compared to the iPhone.

Apple and their advertising agency might say publicly that it has no affect on what they’re doing, but internally, trust me when I say they’re taking notice.

So what do you do in a situation like this?

Here are your options:

  1. Respond. The downside of this is that it may be seen as a concession. An industry leader acknowledging a smaller competitor can help the competitor more than it helps the leader. The plus side is that you can address the “claims” being made against you.
  2. Ignore. The downside here is that you continue to lose ground, the competitor continues to find success, and the gap between you closes. The plus side is, at least you don’t help them.

But I think there is a third option here for Apple. Take some of your own advice and “Think Different”.

The style of Apple’s advertising has not changed in many years. It’s time to get the most creative minds in a room and come up with something new. Don’t call our Samsung, but don’t sit on your laurels and expect glory days to come rolling in.

And if you’re Apple and you’re reading this, I’m available to consult you on this transition.