How to Blow a Sales Call

There are different kinds of sales calls, so I’ll do my best not to generalize here. What I’m referring to is either a cold call, or a call where the person has given you their information because they are interested in what you’re selling. It’s the initial contact, the one that may not make the sale, but will almost certainly determine whether or not a sale will be made at all.

I’ve listened to and been on the receiving end of too many sales calls to count. And there are a few surefire ways to blow one.

Without further ado:

  1. Be rude – the wrong attitude loses the sale every time
  2. Don’t know your product – if you can’t answer simple questions, I don’t want to talk to you
  3. Assume I know nothing – going into the call with any assumptions is a bad idea, because if you try to explain something to me and you make me feel like an idiot, you just lose me
  4. Don’t listen – a sales call should be as much or more about listening as it is about talking
  5. Push too hard for the sale – if I say no, it doesn’t mean push harder
  6. Don’t leave a takeaway – if it were a sales meeting you would have something to leave with me, so in a sales call you need to have something you can send me
  7. Don’t follow up – the first call doesn’t always get the sale, but the second one could

Have any experience with sales calls? The answer for all of us is probably yes. So I invite you to share your thoughts on what does or does not make a good sales call below.