How to Write Copy People Will Read

Creating pages on your site? Drafting an email to send to potential customers? Anytime you’re writing something that you want people to read, remember this simple bit of wisdom – they don’t want to read it.

And if they don’t want to read it, any excuse they can find not to read it will be enough. So while you might be extremely interested in what you’re writing, and you know that if they just read it their lives will be better, you can’t expect them to feel the same way.

So how do you ensure more people read your copy?

  1. Short paragraphs, nothing more than 4 lines of text
  2. Bullet points or numbered lists, no more than 4 or 5 at a time, with short simple phrases
  3. Buzz words that will grab people’s attention like “Free” and “Easy”
  4. Bolded and colored words that draw in the eye of someone who is scanning
  5. Less is more

See, I try to follow my own advice with this post!

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