Ten Reasons You Need to Do Something!

It seems like every blog headline these days is telling me what I need to do, or say, or read, or buy. In our need as publishers to draw attention (I’m referring to anyone who writes something that they want to call attention to) we feel the need to over-exaggerate the importance of what it is we’re writing about.

I don’t need to use those apps.

I don’t need to stop eating that food.

I don’t need to read that book.

Sure, I might want to. And sure, you might feel like a headline that says, “5 Books You Might Want to Read” won’t grab my attention. But let’s take a moment and think about where our blog posts fit in the grand scheme of things. As bloggers, let’s stand out from traditional media, in a way that says, “I’m going to let my writing and my ideas speak for themselves and I don’t need to scare people into reading it.”

Or not. Whatever.

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