When Customer Service & Marketing Are Off

In today’s world, a disconnect between marketing and customer service can be deadly. Think about the independent roles of each group.

Marketing’s goal is to spread the word about the organization, capture consumers’ attention, and drive interested consumers toward a sale. Customer service’s goal is to respond to all customer inquiries and solve their problems as efficiently as possible.

When those goals don’t align, and communication breaks down between departments, things can start to go awry.

  1. Customers call about a certain offer that customer service is not aware of
  2. Customer service gives the right answers in the wrong language and turn people off
  3. Customer service gives out old information
  4. Marketing promises things that are not possible for customer service to deliver

That’s why I’m such a strong proponent of running customer service with a marketing focus, and vice versa. Communication between these two groups within an organization must be strong in order to deliver the right messaging to customers and potential customers across the board.