Sad State of Affairs (DCCC FAIL)

This is by no means a political blog and I apologize to whoever I’m about to offend. I just had to vent for a second.

I associate with democrats. I don’t know if it was how I was brought up, the people I’ve been exposed to, what I was taught, or conscious choice. On 90% of issues, I come down firmly on the left.

But, like a sad many Americans, am so unhappy with the political system in our country that I’d hate to be lumped in with most democrats in office.

I got an email (screenshot below) the other day from the DCCC because I donated during the campaign. At the time, I was in favor of their aggressive email marketing campaign. I had no idea the fundraising would continue as aggressively after we won.

But putting aside the fact that they’re still campaigning, look at the wording in the email. That’s what got me.

Talk of making Republicans nervous in an email like this is ludicrous. Here’s an idea, why don’t you try to work with your peers instead of scare them? Why don’t you do what we put you there to do instead of continue to run ads and spend money campaigning?

I’m scared for the future. 2012 was a negative year in politics. More so than 2008 to such an extent that I don’t dare imagine what 2016 will be like. And if the language in this email and the ads coming out of the Republican groups are any indication, 2013 (a year without major elections) is going to follow suit.

Where are we headed?