Holiday Marketing: Buck the Trend


People like me are part of the problem, but holidays in this country mean shopping. It’s a sad but true fact about who we’ve become, for the most part.

Holidays = Special Deals = Shopping

Just look at what it is doing to Thanksgiving. Black Friday has gotten so big that companies think they can make even more money by opening on Thanksgiving. That means forcing hourly (often minimum wage) employees to work on a national holiday.

Consumers have grown so used to the fact that holidays mean companies are going to be marketing to them more aggressively that they are okay with it. But that also means that each individual marketing message is getting less attention, and having less of an impact than it would at any other time of year.

Here is my plea to you, the marketers: buck the trend.

Do something different. That either means do something so totally unique that it can’t help but get noticed, or don’t do anything at all.

Not every company needs to make offers on Black Friday. Not every product belongs on a gift guide. You have a better chance of getting consumers’ attention when you’re the only one making special offers. So do us all a favor and just wait