Most Read Posts of 2013


It’s fun this time of year to look back at what we’ve accomplished. For me, 2013 gave me an opportunity to get back on track with a number of goals that I set for myself. And if I had to give myself a year-end grade, I would call it solid B+.

One thing I continue to be very proud of is the growth of this blog. This year, one crowning achievement was an upgrade to Squarespace 6 and a redesign.

Here are the top 10 blog posts of the year, by highest visitors:

  1. Marketing Trends for 2014
  2. The 3 Stages of Content Marketing
  3. How to Get More Out of Your Employees – Part 1
  4. 5 Reasons Your Email is Not Getting Opened
  5. Three Easy Ways to Improve Your Homepage
  6. How to use Education as Part of Your Marketing Plan
  7. How to Redesign Your Website Like a Marketer
  8. Think About Marketing Differently – The Huggies Example
  9. 5 Reasons People are Unsubscribing
  10. How to Advance Your Career as a Marketer