Approaching Advertising as Buzz Generation


When an ad campaign takes on a life of its own, it’s a good thing.

When most of us sit down and start to dream up a new ad campaign, the first thing we’re thinking about is everything we wish we could do. We lay out a dream scenario, then we start to reign ourselves in based on what we know about the budget, and the market, and our past success rates.

Big companies don’t have to do so much of that.

The next thing we think about is response. What is our goal? Who do we expect to see our ads and react to them? How many of them will end up purchasing?

But what if the next question was this – how many of them will mention the ad to someone they know?

In today’s social media connected world, the potential for an ad campaign to generate buzz is huge. And sometimes, the right way to approach a new campaign is to start with generating buzz as a goal. And when I say that, I mean the primary goal.

It changes the framework of the conversation. It changes the target audience. It changes where you market, and how you market. And it changes the response.

For a direct marketing company, one built around the concept of measuring the ROI on every advertisement and making decisions based on those results, it’s a scary concept. But the potential exposure from an ad campaign that gets people talking is too great to ignore.

Next time you sit down to plan your next campaign, I wonder if you might be better served with this goal in mind. Do something different.