Marketing Jobs for 2014


So many people are still un- or underemployed, many of them in the marketing or general business field. And so many new marketing graduates will be joining the work force next year. So it’s important to start planning now for the jobs that are going to be in demand so that you can set yourself up to get hired.

Here’s where I think the marketing jobs are going to exist in 2014:

1. Data Analysis

This one is a no brainer. We are at a point where every company in the world wants to learn as much as they can about their customers so that they can better serve them, reach more people like them, and earn more money. So the big money is going to go to people who can help companies mine the data and turn it into actionable steps. For jobs in this area you will need high level math skills with a focus on statistics, some technical proficiency but with a marketing focus so that you can make decisions on how to better segment and communicate with potential customers.

2. Conversion Optimization

This position has some overlap with analysis, but in a different way. A conversion specialist should be good at identifying weaknesses in the path someone takes to become a customer, develop tests to improve the rate at which people become customers, and analyze those results. This person is not focused on advertising, instead they want to know how to increase the number of people who complete the sales funnel once they start down it.

3. Project Management/General Marketing Strategist

Marketing has become very segmented of late, and I think that many companies, especially the smaller or mid-size ones, are missing someone with broad knowledge and the ability to communicate effectively across a number of channels. Companies are going to be looking for people at a manager level who can help set marketing strategy, and lead fragmented teams through projects from beginning to end. A good marketing background is crucial, but just as important are your communication skills and attention to detail. Those who will thrive in this type of position are very process-driven who can see the forest for the trees.