Why You Shouldn’t Always Listen to Marketing Experts


It’s tough to do anything online and not run into so called marketing experts claiming that they have the one thing you need to do to succeed, or the reason why this certain brand of marketing is about to go extinct. Hey, you’re reading a blog post by one such marketing expert right now.

But I’m here to tell you not to listen to us, at least not all the time…

  1. Every industry is different. What works for me in the industries I am familiar with might be crazy in other industries, where the market is completely different.

  2. Every company is different. A company like Apple doesn’t have to sell people on the Apple brand anymore. So what they do in their marketing has nothing to do with a smaller company that does not have that kind of brand appeal.

  3. Technologies change. With the rate of change in new technology, “new” marketing ideas or channels might be gone before you even read about them.

  4. Consumers change. What works to get someone’s attention today might not work on that same person a year from now. People are so overwhelmed with marketing efforts today that they are getting good at tuning out things that they have already seen.

  5. Sometimes we get lucky. We have success and assume it’s because we had such a brilliant idea and executed perfectly. But maybe we just got lucky, and we couldn’t recreate that kind of success again if we tried. So how could you expect to?