The Argument for Agencies


You can use marketing agencies to handle almost every aspect of your company’s marketing. But should you?

This is the first of a two part series on agencies. Today, we’ll tackle the argument for them. Then tomorrow we’ll examine the case against them.

The Pro Agency Argument

  1. Agencies have experience. Any marketing agency that you hire is likely to have more experience than you do in the field. You hire a marketing agency to do something that you don’t want to, or can’t do on your own. And you want to find an agency that has already been doing this successfully for other clients. And preferably, those other clients are in your market. That way the agency understands the market as well as the marketing.

  2. Agencies have resources. Agencies are more likely to have the people and the tools that you need to run a successful campaign. They can bring the skills of multiple workers to your team without you needing to hire people internally. You might get multiple experts in multiple areas all lending a hand to your campaigns. In addition, agencies have contacts in the field that you can use to your advantage. They are the first to get industry news and will be up to date on anything and everything marketing.

  3. Agencies can scale. Since you are only a part of an agency’s business, they can scale up your business a lot easier than you can. They can shift resources around to give you more attention as you grow, or introduce you to new marketing channels that you were not previously in, but that they manage for their other clients. And if need be, they can hire people to support your growth.