Mobile, Social, Content, Email: One Big Happy Marketing Family


We all see the headlines about how much better one type of marketing is than another. There are people that promote Content Marketing or Mobile Marketing as the one size fits all solution to all your marketing woes. As a marketer, and one that is interested in teaching other people about marketing, this can be very frustrating.

Because the truth is, there is no one size fits all solution. And marketing works best when you are doing it all. Content Marketing works with Email Marketing, which directly relates to Mobile Marketing, and they all feed Social. No one channel stands alone.

Here is a common example:

You start an email marketing list. You create a signup form on your website. You push people to it from your Facebook page. You send them content you created. People read that content on their phones.

In that example, you just experimented with Email, Social, Content, and Social. It’s that easy. And the opportunities and combinations are endless.

So please, marketers of the world, let’s come together and admit that we’ve been thinking about marketing all wrong. Integrate your marketing rather than keeping things in their own little buckets.