The Three Worst Ways to Make a Decision


Decision making is a skill. It is a skill that many people have to learn. But it’s vital for the success of companies and marketing teams.

The ability to make the right decision is something we all aspire to. And while it’s true that making any decision is better than not making a decision at all, there are good ways and bad ways to approach any situation where a decision needs to be made.

Here are the wrong ways:

  1. Ignore the facts. A lot of decisions are made on gut instinct. We see what other companies are doing, we know what we would do ourselves, and so we think we know the answer to the problem. But often, there is information out there that could help you. Try customer surveys or A/B tests, things that could provide the answer to you without relying on your own opinions.

  2. Dictatorship. One person decides that this is how it’s going to be and is unwilling to listen to any naysayers. When this happens, it’s almost always the wrong person taking the reins, like the boss.

  3. Too many cooks. Get everyone in a room and let everyone have a say. While this might sound like the right thing to do, too often you end up with a compromise that is worse than any one dictator-style decision. When you try to please everyone, you usually end up pleasing no one.