Email Marketing – What is the Right Frequency?


The most common reason that people complain or unsubscribe from a brand’s emails is that they never asked to be sent an email. But right after that, it is “too many emails”.

So if you’re implementing an email marketing program, or just updating an existing one, how often should I send my emails should be one of the first questions you answer. This chart shows a recent ReturnPath study of email behavior:

  • Sending more than weekly is better for your complaint rate but worse for getting in the inbox. It had no impact on read rate (open rate).
  • Sending weekly is better for getting in the inbox but worse for your complaint rate. It also had no impact on read rate.
  • But sending less than weekly had a positive impact on inbox placement, complaint rate, and read rate.

So start with that information. For some companies, sending more or less frequently will be preferred (even a requirement). For example, Groupon sends every single day (multiple emails).

The general rule for you should be less is more. The less you send, the better the response might be on each email. But it is important to keep testing the days and times you send, to see if you can build in more frequent emails without negatively impacting results.