How to Get on Your Competitor’s Nerves

Do you ever wish that your competition was paying attention to what you were doing? Do you wish they saw you as a threat? Do you wish they lost all of their business to you?

I know the answer is yes. We’re all a bit competitive as marketers. Our job is to highlight our brand, product, or service and show people how much better it is than the next best alternative.

Here’s how to get under your competitor’s skin:

  1. Do something they’re not doing. This could be a related service that they are not offering, a way of contacting you that they don’t have, or a variation on your product that they don’t offer yet. It can be anything really, as long as you can sell the value to the customer.

  2. Brag about it. Spend your marketing dollars highlighting this one big difference as soon as it’s ready. Reference your competition by name in ads and posts directing people’s attention to it.

When your competitor announces they are now doing what you’re doing several months or years later, you will already be on to the next thing. And you will have generated some positive buzz amongst potential customers.