3 Ways to Improve Your Buttons

One of the most important graphical elements on your website might be the buttons that you use to send people from one page to another. Often, buttons are used to call out the main action that you want your visitor to take on any given page.

Think about all the potential buttons that are floating around: Buy Now, Submit, Go, Next, Checkout, etc.

The goal of these buttons is to stand out, to signal to someone what action to take, and to improve the overall conversion rate on your site. But if you think all you have to do is add or create a button and it’s going to work, you’re wrong. Buttons can be made better, and they are worth testing to see if you can improve them.

Here are three ways you should be able to improve your buttons:

  1. Words – different words used on the button may produce different results. Instead of “Next”, try “Go”. Instead of “Checkout”, try “Buy it”. Instead of “Submit”, try telling them exactly what happens next. For example, at a company I work with, we changed the button on our lead forms from saying “Submit” to “Get My Free Catalog” and that change alone improved conversion rate by 15%.

  2. Colors – just like the wording, colors can change the effectiveness of your buttons. Red is a popular color because it stands out on most pages. It’s important to test colors that stand out vs. colors that fit in with their surroundings. While a designer might prefer to stick to a cleaner look and feel, a button that varies from its surroundings might get more clicks.

  3. Look and feel – you should always make a button look like a button. Make me want to click on it. You can do this using borders and shadowing to make the button appear “pushable”, adding a three dimensional element. You can also accomplish this by making the button change when I roll my mouse over it, signaling that it is in fact clickable.

There you have it. Fixing your buttons is easy, and it could lead to big returns.