How to Start an Email Marketing Program Today

It’s easy. If you follow these steps you’ll be able to start an email marketing program on the cheap. You’ll dip your toe into the water (very warm water for marketers), and give yourself something to build on as you get more advanced and more familiar with the strategy.

  1. Create an account with iContact

  2. Have your account manager help you set up a form that will automatically load people to your list

  3. Add a graphic or call out on your website announcing “Sign up to receive updates, special offers, and discounts”

  4. Direct those who click on the link to a signup form, using the form you created with iContact

  5. On the form, tell them what they are signing up for (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly emails offering exclusive content and special offers) and ask for their name and email. Reinforce that it’s free to sign up

  6. Send emails out on a schedule with information about the company, any news or content that month, and any discounts or specials you’re offering

It’s that simple to get started in a marketing channel that’s proven its value to marketers far and wide. Why haven’t you started yet?