What to Put Above the Fold

The fold is the most important thing on your website that most often gets ignored.

What is the fold?

The fold is the term we give to that magical line that gets drawn across any web page based on the size of the monitor a visitor is using. It divides the top from the bottom. Everything above the fold is visible. Everything below it is not (until I scroll down).

So what should you care?

You need to care about the fold because you need to know how few people will actually see what’s going on below it. Web usability tests have proven time and time again that a very low percentage of your web visitors will scroll. If it’s not on the screen when they land on the page, it’s lost.

So what belongs above the fold?

  1. Identifying information, such as your company name and logo
  2. All navigation items
  3. Contact information
  4. Your sales message
  5. Your call to action
  6. Any pricing details of purchase buttons

So what belongs below the fold?

Nothing if you can help it. But I know that’s not always a reasonable solution, so my simple answer is anything that is secondary to the purpose of that page. Usually this includes a bottom navigation with terms of use and a privacy policy, links to partners and affiliates, or secondary sales messages that are not necessary to sell a new visitor.

If it’s important (and not everything is) put it below the fold and be sure to know that it won’t get as much traffic as you’d like.