How to Implement a Digital Suggestion Box

On Monday, I wrote about using online surveys to follow up with your customers and continue to improve your business.

Today’s post builds on that idea. A suggestion box is really a very open and broad survey. It says, tell us whatever you want to tell us about what we’re doing, how you view it, and how you’d make it better.

“Share Anything”

The traditional suggestion box still has a use. In a small office, at a small retail store or restaurant a physical suggestion box can tell customers and employees that you care what they have to say and you’re giving them a voice for improvements.

Now take the physical suggestion box and move it online. The digital suggestion box goes right on your website, down at the bottom of the page so that it doesn’t get in anyone’s way. You’ll notice a lot of companies and websites using this to get feedback on the site. But my SUGGESTION is to use it in a more open way. Allow people to leave feedback on anything.

A good, open-ended question could be “Tell us how we can be better.”

Your customers can fill it out. Your non-customer visitors can fill it out. Your employees from anywhere in the world can fill it out. And the responses that you get will help you gain insight into what people are thinking, and how they wish things would change.

Implement yours today!