Marketing Review: Using Buttons in Display Ads

Check out the following ads:

What do they all have in common? The company’s logo, sure. Color, text, a sales message, yes. But the thing that stands out to me is a growing trend in the display ad world.

A button in the ad!

Each of the ads above uses a button as a call to action. The “find out now” or “learn more” or “click here” message takes the form of a button.

Now, many people know, especially marketers, that the entire ad is clickable. Whether you click on the image of a button or not, a click on the ad will take you to the desired page. So why use it?

It’s more subtle. It draws the eye of the average web user and tells them, “this is something you can click on”, more than an ad without a button would do. It removes any sense of doubt from the potential customer/clicker.

I’ve seen a shift to this in many of the display ads that I encounter every day. And I’ve seen various best practices from marketing companies and ad networks speak to this idea. Adding a button to your already clickable ad increases the likelihood that someone actually clicks.

I wonder if they’re tracking where on the ads people click. If they are, I bet a higher percentage of people click on the button.

Take a hint and start adding buttons to your ads!