Little Things 1 – Form Style

Welcome to the first edition of “Little Things”, a weekly blog series covering the small changes that you can make to improve marketing performance.

This week’s tip:

Update the Look and Feel of Your Web Forms

If you’re a marketing today, you’re most likely using web forms for something. You’re either collecting leads, asking people to sign up for something like an email newsletter, letting people complete a purchase online, or simply using a contact form on your site.

Regardless of what you’re using them for, web forms are usually an item that gets overlooked.

Let’s assume you’re using them in one place or another. And let’s assume it’s better for you to get more people who see the form to fill it out (which is most often the case).

The look of your form can have a big impact on the rate at which people fill it out.

  1. Make the form fields and text bigger
  2. Apply color to the form to give it structure
  3. Tell people what will happen after they fill the form out
  4. Use a big submit button that stands out from the page

The easier your form is to look at and understand, the more likely people will be to fill it out. A form that has no imagination, is difficult to view, or is arranged in a way that looks sloppy makes your company seem like you don’t care. You become less trustworthy in the eyes of your customers, and you turn them away.

Fix the look of your forms, and increase your conversion rate.