"I" of the Consumer Week in Review

This past week I celebrated my 28th birthday! I forgot to brag about it on the blog on Wednesday, so I decided to do it today. Sometimes I debate whether or not to publicize my age, because I think that in a lot of ways, people might see 28 and see someone who is too inexperienced to be providing real world advice and consulting. I like to think my age is one of the things that helps me view the world the way I do. I see things differently and I hope that this blog helps to show you how I see the world, and helps you see the world the way consumers today do.

If you were face deep in birthday cake last week, you may have missed these posts:

  1. How to Read Your Email Marketing Report
  2. Breaking News! Creating Breaking News
  3. How to Design for Usability
  4. Little Things: A New Blog Series

Happy Sunday!

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