Breaking News! Create Breaking News

Why does breaking news generate so much attention?

  1. People want to know what’s going on
  2. The first to report a story will usually get the biggest following

When something is new, it grabs our attention. It’s promotable. And it can give your marketing a big boost.

As a business, the idea of creating a breaking news story might seem like a pipe dream.

“Of course we’d do it if we could, but there is nothing BIG and NEW that’s worth SHARING here.”

Okay, fine. But all that means is that you have to generate something new. And that doesn’t mean you have to make news, just NEW.

This is most important on your website. Your business must stay current, and more importantly, appear current.

There’s nothing worse than a stale website. It doesn’t generate return visits. It doesn’t get as much love from search engines. And it can lead to stale performance.

Add a blog or other content that gets updated often. Put out press releases once a month announcing a new value proposition, business venture, customer, etc. and link to them from your homepage. Create contests or social cues that might trigger some chatter on social media.

Whatever you do, don’t let the same old content sit. A static site is an aging site. Stay current.