Democratic Email Campaign Problems

The problem is how often they send their emails. It’s what their emails are about. It’s how their emails look. And it’s who the emails are coming from.

I’m a democrat. I’ve made no attempt to hide that on this blog. But since I talk about marketing 99% of the time, hopefully it doesn’t impact the content. But it means that I am subscribed to the Democratic Campaign’s email campaign, a campaign that gets ever more intense as this year’s election approaches.

I’m not subscribed to the Republican Campaigns email list. If I was, I might be commenting on similar issues from them.

To those of you who are also subscribed, you can probably understand today’s rant. To those of you who are not, you’re lucky. I would not recommend subscribing.

I get an average of 5-8 emails a day, each “written” by a different sender. They come from one of three email addresses, making it hard to understand who is asking for the money, and what ties them to the other emails you just received. Sometimes these emails are minutes apart, with completely different messaging.

Some emails comment on something recently in the news. Most mention a quote or two from Republicans. And they all ask for a donation, some with a potential to win a prize and others without.

They infrequently have images, and almost always are ugly.

Why don’t I unsubscribe? As a democrat, and more importantly, as an email marketer, I feel compelled to stick out. If for no other reason than to find out, what will they do next?