What Influences an Online Purchase?

It’s a common question when running a website designed to sell goods: What can we do to get more people to make a purchase?

What we’re trying to figure out is, what influences customer behavior? What makes one website visitor checkout when another leaves without doing so?

And based on a recent study, the chart below demonstrates the answer to that very question:

Price and discounts is an obvious one that most marketers would think about. But it’s important to think creatively about how price is displayed. You can compare to your competition and offer discounts to people for performing certain actions you find desirable to your business. Both will be a real win.

It’s important to note that a fast, easy checkout can have more to do with an online purchase than anything else. It’s much more important than access to service, customer reviews, and loyalty programs.

More and more, we’ve been catching onto this. And clearly, this survey hammers it home. Don’t make checking out difficult, or they won’t do it.

What else can we glean from these results? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below and we can keep the conversation going.