The Modern Marketer

I think the job of the marketer has changed drastically in the last decade or so. With the onset of the internet, social networking, and the power that digital media has on word of mouth, today's marketer has far more responsibility than ever before (even while the power of mainstream marketing has been reduced).

Today's marketer must be knowledgeable in more fields. I'm a strong believer that marketing is the driving force now behind customer service, sales and IT. You have to answer questions like, how does the sales team support customer service, who answers what calls, and is there a call answering service. With that in mind, its key for marketers at all levels to have a solid understanding of those areas within their organization, in addition to their key marketing responsibilities.

Today, companies recruiting marketers are looking for a jack of all trades. You see job descriptions looking for someone with HTML and other coding experience, Photoshop and other design knowledge, an understanding of customer behavior as it relates to the web, social media, and peer to peer interactions.

In 10 years I expect many marketers entering the field to be more technically savvy, with a better understanding of and expertise in web technologies and the power of a website to capture and keep a consumers attention. The marketing department is no longer an independent team within an organization; it must infiltrate all other departments in order to succeed.