The Importance of Prioritization in Marketing

In marketing, just like most everything else, there is always work to be done. And often, we find ourselves in the situation of having to choose between a couple of different projects. Either we only have the bandwidth to take on one at a time, or we must choose what to keep in house and what to outsource, or we must choose which two or three projects to take on now, knowing what will be waiting for us later.

Drawing from my own experience, we come to a situation like this:

  • The website needs to be updated and redesigned
  • We need to do an A/B test on pricing of a new product
  • We need to prep a new set of auto-response emails
  • We need to analyze last month’s telemarketing efforts and pass on instructions of this month’s strategy
  • We need to write new blog posts
  • We need to launch a new set of Facebook ads

It’s not reasonable to expect that we can do everything, all at once, and devote the kind of attention to each project that it deserves. This makes prioritization skills a must-have at any marketing position.

But how do we prioritize?

  1. Make a list, put everything on it.
  2. Add to each project the costs association, including internal labor if it’s done in-house, and time for completion.
  3. Then add to each project the benefits. Does it bring in more money? Does it boost conversion?

It’s important to focus our energies on two sets of initiatives. Smaller, simpler projects that can be done in a matter of hours or days can suck up all of our time. They can limit our ability to focus on the larger projects that can bring about more dramatic results. But they’re still important.

So split your list into small and large projects, focusing on the cost and the time associated. And try to tackle both lists, in order. Devote set hours to each side of the list and stick to a schedule. Check things off as you go, tracking results, and you’ll know exactly where all that time and energy went.