Marketing as an IT Driver

I write a lot about the cross-department functions of today’s marketer. Marketing has to be at the forefront of sales, customer service, and product development in the digital age, otherwise you are fighting a losing battle. And the other day, I was reminded of another area where this is happening…in a hurry.

It’s IT.

More and more of IT’s tasks are coming from the marketing department. The functionality of your website, the analytics behind it, and the behavior targeting of certain ads and functions are all things that marketing relies heavily on IT to accomplish. So much so that in many organizations there are separate support staff in the marketing department with IT backgrounds.

In today’s world, a huge percentage of the projects that make it onto the IT agenda come from marketing. And with further integration of web teams and marketing teams, where the majority of marketing projects involved building something online, this trend will continue to grow.

So now the structure of your company is more like: