14 Percent of Emails are Personal

Here is an interesting little post from the fine people over at ClickZ. Too often I think that many of their posts about email marketing are written from a cranky consumer’s perspective, and not from a marketer’s. But this one touches on some stats that I found intriguing enough to relay here.

First, we need to observe and quickly disregard the face that more emails seem to go missing now than in the past. These are emails that, for whatever reason, don’t hit the inbox and don’t even make it to the spam folder. Troubling for sure, but that’s not what I wanted to focus on here.

It’s the fact that only 14% of emails are personal that caught my attention. We’re now at a point as consumers where the large majority of emails that we get are from companies.

What does that mean for marketers who use email as a regular marketing channel?

  1. It means consumers are interested in subscribing to lists that deliver value.
  2. It means you’re competing with a larger number of other marketers for each consumer’s time and attention.

Stop worrying about whether or not consumers want to receive emails from you and start worrying about how to make your emails stand out from the crowd. Provide more value, create nicer designs, test your subject lines, and for god sakes, keep sending.