What to do about Political Ads

Political advertising is in full swing. And it’s only March.

What are things going to look like in October and November? One can only imagine.

A report that came out last week estimates that online political spending will hit $159 million in 2012. That’s just online!

I know the big online ad networks are happy. If I’m Google, or Facebook, or anyone else that stands to make a huge percentage of that money, I’m thrilled.

But what does it do to us? The general public? What about the fact that a large majority of the advertising is negative against an opponent?

Each election carries with it a higher amount of advertising dollars. And each election carries with it more negative and smear campaigns. And I fear that overall, it’s doing more harm for all of us in the long run than it is doing good for any single candidate in the short run.

We’re hammered with negative ads about everyone. We don’t forget those ads when it’s all over. We hate whoever is elected, we hate the system they represent, and we wait 2, or 4, or 6 years until we get to see them dethroned.

The political system in our country is f*cked already. And now advertising is pushing it further off the cliff.