Marketers as the Facilitators of Communication

Marketers know what it takes to sell their product or service. We build it into all of our ads. We build it into our websites. And if we had our way, we’d build it into the look, feel, and sound of every piece of communication to potential customers.

This blog was originally started to cover all the aspects of what I call, marketing communications. And one of the most important aspects of communication as it relates to the marketing realm today is what other members of the company are saying about your products or services.

In a small company, the amount of people who interact with potential customers might be limited. But the larger a company is, the greater the chance that people outside of the marketer’s direct management are dealing with customers.

Most likely, there is a customer service team, a sales team, potentially a fulfillment team, etc. who all deal directly with customers, and more importantly, with potential customers.

As a marketer, it’s important that you take the lead in relaying the message throughout the company. The marketing message should become part of the corporate culture. It should become part of any new employee’s indoctrination into the organization. And as it shifts or changes, those changes should be communicated directly to the frontlines.

One of the reasons marketers make great CEO’s and business owners in today’s world is that marketing often facilitates, or guides most other facets of an organization or business process. And it’s our job to make that so.