How to Find Clients through Competitors

Picture this:

You’re a new company trying to break into a market that already exists. You have a number of different options when it comes to signing new customers or finding new clients. You want to grow, and grow fast. So what do you do?

Some would say that the best strategy is to go after your competition. Find ways to get to their customers and make a better offer. It can be the simplest place to start, because you know they need what you’re offering, and you know they’re already paying for it somewhere else. And if your creative, they can be very easy to get to.

Here are 2 examples that I’ve seen in the past week:

  1. My company publishes press releases using PRWeb. The other day, I got a cold call from a new company that offers a wider distribution than PRWeb for lower cost. I was intrigued. How did he get my information? Off of a press release that I just recently put out.

  2. Seamless is the biggest player (at least in NYC) in the online food ordering game. is one of their growing number of rivals. And twice in one week, I ordered food with Seamless and it showed up in a bag. My assumption is that went to restaurants on Seamless and gave them free bags.

In both cases, the introduction is simple. I want to put my offer out there, and I know it’s something you’re interested in. Easy!

Is it fair to the competitor? Is it a sneaky way of gaining market share?

Probably. But it’s legal, and it’s brilliant.